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During the 4th grade music rotation, students read and notate simple music in the treble clef as they learn to  play the recorder.  Students then  utilize this  knowledge to follow  a  vocal score, recognizing/identifying basic musical notation as they learn songs for the fourth and fifth grade end­of­the­quarter program. Vocal techniques covered are breathing, phrasing, vowel formation, and diction. Completion of the composer packet gives the students a broader understanding of the baroque and classical periods in music history.

The 5th grade  music/theatre  rotation  culminates  with  the  production  of  a  mini­musical  that incorporates all of the concepts learned during the quarter.  Students sing a variety of memorized songs  using  expression  and  proper  vocal  technique.  A  script  is  memorized,  blocked,  and rehearsed utilizing instruction on stage directions, basic body movement, and vocal projection. By playing the recorder for a second year, students continue to read and notate simple music in the treble clef, increasing their repertoire and skills. Finally, students add to their knowledge of music history through studying famous composers from the romantic and contemporary periods.


Intermediate School students have the opportunity to explore a variety of art supplies & create various themed, standards­based artworks throughout their time in art. The themes they explore throughout the year may include landscapes, animals, famous artists, properties of color, & abstract & realistic art, among other things. They will also incorporate the elements of art and principles of design into their artworks. They are also introduced to ceramics. The students follow an elective rotation in Intermediate school so they take art and music each day for a 9 week term.