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Brookstone Parents Association

Let’s get Connected!   Here at Brookstone, we continue to experience exponential growth in new admissions and the Brookstone Parents Association (BPA) is ready to CONNECT – to connect our new and returning families together and to needs in the school, athletic and arts communities.  At Brookstone, parents are vital to the personality and culture of our school.  Brookstone thrives as a result of parent involvement and our parents thrive because they are involved.  As an army of volunteers, the BPA enhances every area of campus life whether it is by hosting special community builder events or by raising funds to enrich school divisions, athletics and arts communities.  There is a place for every parent to use his or her talents – no task is too small! 


To find out how to get involved, complete this quick online interest survey (Willingness to Connect URL) and we look forward to connecting with you soon!


Be the One Who Connects!