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The fine arts department at Brookstone School offers students a wide variety of opportuni­ties through both visual and performing arts. From music, to studio arts, to theater, Brook­stone fine arts offers something for everyone. Our fine arts faculty seek to inspire and engage students in a number of electives including instrumental and vocal music, drama, ceramics, digital photography, painting, and industrial design.

Brookstone School is committed to providing a well­ rounded education for our students. Part of the curriculum includes studies of studio and performing arts. Here on campus we take pride in band, theater, choral, and studio arts. These different areas offer instructional classes, along with activities that are held after school. Performances are a major part of the arts experience, and students of all ages perform before adult audiences on campus and in the community. Art shows are held several times a year to display and showcase student art work.

Middle School Arts


Middle School drama classes continue to add to the student’s knowledge of theatrical terms and conventions,  with  additional  focus  on  characterization,  gestures  and  stage  business,  vocal control,  and  storytelling techniques.  Activities  include  simple  improvisational  games  and exercises.  Middle School students prepare, practice,  and present  a  complex oral interpretation piece.  During the last four weeks of the quarter, each grade level class produces a one­act play or a showcase for the student body.


Students continue their study of the elements and principles of art and design.  During this nine-week course, they conduct an in depth study of color theory, specifically, color and value, and intensity.  Students create work in all five areas:  drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and ceramics.  In drawing and painting, students identify and use linear perspective to create depth. They learn to recognize relationships between the elements and principles of art.  This leads to using specific composition to create artwork.  Students explore the use of expressive content in art, and create work depicting a specific mood.  In sculpture, students create artwork using form and texture, as well as different media.  In art criticism and aesthetics, students begin to identify and compare art works in a theme.  They analyze art works and begin to form opinions on them. Art history is taught as an art appreciation introduction. Each year of middle school these skills are added to and built upon as the student matures and grows in their understanding of art.

Beginning Chorus/Piano

Students  are  introduced  to  choral singing  in  beginning  chorus.  Unison singing  and  a  uniform choral sound are emphasized, as well as correct breathing, and tone production.  Students perform throughout the year.


Piano class is designed to instruct beginning piano students.  In this nine ­week course, students learn  and  apply  the  basics  of  piano  and  music  theory  to  assigned  piano  compositions. Performance practices and stage deportment are emphasized when students are ready to perform in front  of  the  class.  A recital  is  given  each  quarter  and features  each student  performing  a composition they have studied.

Beginning Band

Beginning Band is an exploratory year-long class for sixth grade students.  The purpose of the class  is  to  introduce  students  to  wind  instruments.  Besides  performance  on  the  instrument, students  are  also  exposed  to  Music  History,  including  composers,  time  periods,  and  various styles.

Outside of class, students are able to partici­pate in a variety of band, musical, and choral performance opportunities. In addition, we showcase our theatrical talent through One Act plays and our widely popular fall and spring musical performances. These perfor­mances are always sold out events and spot­light the depth of talent in our Brookstone students.

Visual arts students have their work on display throughout the year in reguarly held arts showcase events, including the Spring Arts Festival that incorporates visual and performing arts from students in all grades at Brookstone.