The Faculty

Brookstone faculty are invested in their students. Campus wide there are eighty-seven teaching professionals, three librarians, and seven coun­selors. The average faculty member has fourteen years of teaching experience. With 65% of our teachers holding advanced degrees and seven holding doctorate degrees, our faculty is among the finest in Georgia. Our 10:1 stu­dent-teacher ratio allows our faculty to help students achieve their fullest potential both inside and out of the classroom, while developing close relationships that last well beyond their years at Brookstone.

The Freshman Retreat

Brookstone takes its entire freshman class on an off-campus, outdoor adven­ture retreat the first week of school. This trip provides the opportunity for a solid beginning for the freshman year, for new friendships to be made, and a chance for students to build relationships with faculty that simply cannot happen in a classroom. The bonds that develop over the course of this retreat are invaluable.

The Schedule

Brookstone uses a rotating schedule, which keeps both students and faculty engaged in the daily routine. A rotating schedule has also been shown to improve student and faculty performance because every­one functions better at different times of day.

Late Start Wednesday

In addition to a rotating schedule, the school day begins at 9:00 a.m. on Wednes­days. This allows for students to get an extra hour of sleep or study time, or choose to participate in one of the campus ministries that meet each week. In addition, this hour allows faculty time for professional devel­opment and team meetings.

Faculty Professional Development

Brookstone is committed to keeping its faculty the most well-trained and well-equipped professionals in their fields by pro­viding them ample time on and off campus for professional development. By studying and understanding the most current research, we are able to offer our students the best curricu­lum with the most efficient approaches, mak­ing our students better scholars.

Travel Opportunities

Brookstone believes strongly in the value of experiences learned off campus. There are numerous opportunities for educational travel through the school year and summer. These trips are faculty-led and offer students the opportu­nity to serve, study, and explore other coun­tries and cultures. From Europe, to Africa, to Central America, and more, education at Brookstone extends well beyond the tradi­tional classroom. In addition, all students in grades six through eight take a team-building, age-appropriate trip off of campus, culminat­ing in a four day hiking trip to North Carolina during the eighth grade year.

Honor Code

Brookstone takes the con­cept of honor very seriously. We have an active student-led honor council that educates our student body on the importance of honor both individually, and communally. Every interme­diate, middle, and upper school student signs the Honor Code in an honor ceremony at the start of each school year that is then imple­mented throughout the curriculum and is lived out on campus.

Personality Profiles

All middle and upper school students undergo personality profiling to help them understand their learn­ing styles and social personalities. Upper school students are given the Emergentics Profile and middle school students are given the Mur­phy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children. This information is used to enrich the self-awareness of our students and foster an appreciation for differences.

Foreign Language Exposure

Brook­stone is the only school in the region that requires all intermediate school students to study Latin and sixth grade students to study French. We are also unique in that Brookstone offers three foreign languages for seventh and eighth grade students to choose from and study intensively.

Physical Education

Brookstone puts a strong emphasis on physical development, as well as academic development. Dedicated time spent in physical education not only helps children develop skills that will assist them later in athletics, but also helps them develop the habits of a healthy lifestyle.

Outdoor Classroom and Nature Program

Our Roaring Branch campus is a beautiful wooded area consisting of an out­door classroom for nature studies and observa­tion, as well as an all-faiths chapel and a cross country trail. Students have the opportunity to regularly visit these areas for instruction and exploration. We are the only school in the region with access to this beautiful rustic landscape without ever having to get in a car or cross a busy street.