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List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • When will school start?

    • The 2020-2021 Brookstone School year will begin August 12th.
    • Orientation and "meet your teacher" events will begin Monday, August 10, 2020. Details of these events will be announced at the beginning of August.
    • The first day of regular classes will be on Wednesday, August 12, 2020.
    • Check the "Summer Resources" page on the website for information about back to school requirements and summer assignments.
  • What is the School doing to mitigate health risks when the campus reopens?

    • We are working with health providers and national education organizations in establishing our reopening protocol.
    • A deep-cleaning of all classrooms, common areas, athletic facilities, and offices was conducted over the summer.
    • Brookstone has made a substantial investment in a Global Plasma Solution installation in the school's HVAC system. GPS’s advanced plasma air purification technology will work to clean safely the air inside our buildings. The patented technology uses a precise electronic charge to create an electrical field filled with high concentrations of ions. These ions attack and kill viruses, mold spores, and bacteria and steal away hydrogen from the pathogens leaving them to die. Through laboratory testing, it has been determined that 99.4 % of the viral particles become inactive after being exposed to the GPS bipolar ionization. This includes SARS-CoV-2 among many other pathogens.
    • Our faculty and day/night cleaning crew will clean classroom spaces regularly and with the appropriate cleaning solutions. Additional cleaning crew members for facilities have been added to support increased sanitation efforts.
    • Classes that share common tools and supplies will have new safety and cleaning protocols.
    • Faculty and students will wash and/or sanitize their hands as they enter the classrooms in the morning, between classes, and after movement around campus. Touchless hand sanitizers are being installed in areas throughout campus.
    • Drinking fountains are being replaced with water bottle filling stations and hand washing stations.
    • Health and Safety Checks are being implemented for students and employees that include digital temperature checks upon arrival.
    • We will be focusing on physical distancing and containment. This will include the required face coverings for students and employees. 
    As you know, the situation regarding COVID-19 changes daily. Final decisions regarding the practices that will be in place once the academic year begins in August will be made closer to that date, once we can assess the current needs and circumstances of our community.
  • Are the students required to wear the Lands’ End mask or can they wear their own?

    We appreciate that there are many different styles of masks on the market today. As the priority is that students utilize face covering to protect against the spread of the virus, students may wear a mask of their choosing. The requirements of any masks are that they fit snugly against the sides of the face so there are no gaps, cover the mouth and nose, and in addition to solid colored masks, students may wear masks with a small print or pattern such as gingham/seersucker. No logos or writing other than student name, small monogram of their name, and/or Brookstone logo. There will be several styles of masks available in the Cougar Shop for purchase. You can also find masks in many local and big box stores, online, and through Land's End and other clothing vendors. Again, it is your family's choice where you purchase the masks that work best for your child, as long as they meet the requirements above. 
  • How will you handle a student who cannot wear a mask for health reasons?

    Transparent face shields will be allowed for any student or faculty member who is not able to wear a mask for health reasons.
  • Lunch is a particularly vulnerable time for students.  Will Brookstone be taking measures since masks will not be wearable during lunch?

    We are implementing modifications of the cafeteria schedule to minimize large group gatherings as much as possible. Some divisions will have lunch delivered to alternative outdoor/in classroom settings, while others will have staggered lunch times.
  • Does Brookstone have to align with Muscogee County School District decisions?

    No, we do not. Please know that we will continue to make decisions independently and based on what is best for our school community. We are not obligated to follow closings and openings of public schools. Part of the value-added of an independent school is our ability to respond flexibly to the needs of our students independent of outside forces. We will establish policies and make decisions using health department guidelines, governmental directives, and advice from a team of physicians.
  • What is the policy if a faculty member or student tests positive for COVID-19?

    If a student or teacher tests positive, they will need to follow the established protocol as detailed in this flowchart.
  • Will Extended Day be available this year?

    As part of focusing on containment, the format of Extended Day will be different this year. The students will be kept in these smaller groups, and the locations will be located in the students’ school division. We will be able to provide more details on Extended Day in the coming weeks.
  • How do you plan to have students and teachers engage in classrooms wearing masks?

    We intend to be creative and innovative in our approach to this school year, and this includes navigating the introduction of face coverings to our learning environment. Students and teachers will have clear face shields for situations where facial expressions and mouth movements are essential to the objectives.
  • What type of disciplinary action will you take if a student does not wear the mask or does not wear it properly?

    As we do with all expectations, we will educate students and provide them with the information and context surrounding the expectation of face coverings. We will invite partnership, guide, and redirect as needed. If a student refuses to wear the appropriate face covering, they will not be able to be on campus.*

    *Our approach with 3K and PreK students will be more lenient as we help them grow accustomed to this new requirement.
  • Will you change these policies if the spread of the virus lessens or stops?

    In the opening days, our administrative team will monitor COVID information on a daily basis, and most of our procedures will be reviewed weekly. However, it’s safe to expect that most of these measures will be in place at least through September and possibly much longer. Any easing of these safety measures will come only when the conditions make it clearly advisable and will be modified in a measured, gradual way.
  • What about school activities such as sports and plays, clubs, school dances?

    As a member of the Georgia High School Association (GHSA), we will continue to follow GHSA recommendations and procedures on the re-start of athletics. We have begun limited workouts for high school athletes this summer, according to GHSA guidelines, and will continue to monitor their recommendations and procedures into the fall. Planning for Brookstone Fine Arts classes and extracurricular activities is underway. We remain committed in our creative approach to ensure that integral components of the Brookstone experience will still happen, even if they are reimagined to keep students and faculty safe.
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