Admissions Process for Honor Scholarship Grade 9

Brookstone School seeks to identify, attract, and reward those students in the greater Columbus area, who have distinguished themselves in academics, and who have developed strong qualities of character. The competition is open to all rising 9th-grade students from other area schools, regardless of race, ethnic origin, nationality or creed. All scholarship awards are renewable annually, as long as the student maintains good academic and deportment records.

Since established in 1976, this scholarship program has undergone multiple changes including the number of awards given and the amount of money awarded, but the idea behind the Brookstone Honor Scholarship remains the same: to bring talented, well-rounded students of the highest integrity and character to Brookstone.

In order to apply for the Honor Scholarship, the first step is to submit an online application. An application must be submitted before any other documents can be submitted. 

In addition, the following documents will be required. These can be submitted at any time before the deadline.
  • Two letters of personal recommendation from someone who knows the applicant well, such as a youth pastor, coach or family friend. 
  • School transcripts with first-semester final grades
  • Two teacher evaluations - one math and one English
  • A one-page resume of activities and extracurricular involvement
  • Admissions testing and a video interview
Testing will be available by appointment only during the school day. It will be offered in-person on campus and virtually. Testing begins at 8:30 am and usually lasts three to four hours. All materials are provided. Testing may not be scheduled and will not be administered until an application has been submitted. 

The deadline for all documents and testing to be complete Sunday, January 30, 2022.

All applicants will be required to submit a video interview. 
For more information on the Honor Scholarship Program, please contact:

Anne Parker, Director of Enrollment

Tanisha Colbert, Assistant Director of Enrollment