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  • Brookstone School strives to instill

    the values of Servant Leadership
in every student by living out the attitude, “Serving Others, while Developing as Leaders”. The academic curriculum allows for integrated character education and service opportunities in the classroom, while students are involved in service and leadership development through activities with clubs, organizations, athletics, and community service projects. Through partnerships including our sister school, Ricks Institute of Liberia, West Africa, and local partner, Fox Elementary School, students have the opportunity to develop relationships and serve locally and globally.

WHY do we have Servant Leadership at Brookstone?

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WHAT is Servant Leadership at Brookstone?

Servant Leadership is part of the culture and fabric of Brookstone and service is a core value of Brookstone School. It is just as visible on the sidewalks and playgrounds when students are helping peers, as it is when students are packing meals for those who are hungry or repairing a house for someone without a home. Focusing on others is the heart of Servant Leadership.