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  • Brookstone School,

    A College Preparatory School
    founded in the Judeo-Christian ethic and committed to academic excellence, endeavors to build in its students the core values of loyalty, courage, wisdom, honor, service, respect and leadership.

Our Beliefs

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  • College Preparation

    We seek to prepare students for college by developing the skills and knowledge necessary not only for admission, but also for realizing their highest potential for success while in college and beyond.
  • Developing All Dimensions of the Individual Student

    We seek to develop all dimensions of the individual student in an atmosphere that supports high standards of conduct in accordance with our stated Honor Code and commitment to the Judeo-Christian ethic.
    • Judeo-Christian ethic means those moral teachings common to both Judaism and Christianity.
    • We value ethnic, religious, socio-economic and political diversity. We welcome students of all backgrounds, believing that such diversity strengthens our community.
    • We provide the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities to enhance the growth of our students intellectually, spiritually, artistically and athletically.
  • Commitment to Academic Excellence

    We maintain a commitment to academic excellence by:
    • Delivering quality instruction by an expert, caring faculty that is enriched by ongoing professional development;
    • Utilizing a comprehensive, sequenced, and balanced curriculum from 4K - 12th grade that supports varied learning styles in an educationally sound environment; and
    • Using current technology with proficiency to enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum.
  • Loyalty, Courage, Wisdom, Honor, Service, Respect and Leadership

    We seek to build the following core values in our students: loyalty, courage, wisdom, honor, service, respect and leadership. We are committed to expecting, teaching and modeling these values.
    • Loyalty includes faithfulness to our stated beliefs, to each other, and to our commitments and obligations.
    • Courage includes not only a willingness to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones when appropriate, but also to have the moral conviction to stand for what we know to be right and to be brave and honorable in our decision-making.
    • Wisdom includes a foundation of scholarly knowledge, sound judgment and the desire for lifelong learning. We believe that the ongoing and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge throughout life is essential to an individual achieving their highest potential.
    • Honor includes honesty and integrity in both beliefs and actions. Brookstone students are expected to have a high sense of both personal and academic integrity as evidenced by our stated Honor Code, which reads: "As a Brookstone student, I will neither lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate any of these acts."
    • Service is a part of the curriculum at every grade level. We encourage the development and practice of servant leadership as a lifelong characteristic of our students. Others before self is the ideal model for meeting the needs of our community both locally and globally.
    • Respect includes acknowledging and showing esteem for the worth of both oneself and others. Mutual respect is the foundation of our school community.
    • Leadership is cultivated and encouraged at all grade levels. We believe the core values of loyalty, courage, wisdom, honor, service and respect create confident, capable leaders and citizens.
Founded in 1951, Brookstone School is Columbus' only 3K through 12 independent college preparatory program. With an unwavering commitment to academic excellence, Brookstone offers a first-rate college preparatory experience to more than 820 students in four divisions.

Brookstone’s core values – loyalty, courage, wisdom, honor, service, respect, and leadership – guide the educational program and daily interactions among students and adults. With a highly developed and intentional focus on servant leadership and character development, Brookstone prepares its students for lives of engagement and service to others.