Brookstone Students Promote Be Well

Did you know that: - One minute of idling in your car produces *more* carbon monoxide than three packs of cigarettes? - Most people waste 1-2 tanks of gas each year by idling? - Idling vehicles increase air pollution in school zones? - Young lungs work almost twice as hard as adult lungs, which leaves them more susceptible to air pollution?
As part of the Brookstone Be Well Campaign, a wide-ranging effort to promote and protect the health and well-being of Brookstone students, two middle schoolers have launched the No Carpool Idling Campaign at Brookstone.

Featuring specific No Idle Zones around campus, the program was researched and developed by 7th graders Katie Shaw and Hailey Todt for their Girl Scouts Silver Award service project. The girls are spreading the word about the negative effects of idling on campus air quality and encouraging parents via signage to turn off their car engines.

When you see the signs at pick-up time, please turn off your engines and protect our students!